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funny food names for pets

Funny food names for pets

By David Woods on September 5, in Dogs Common dog names can become quite boring if you have heard them a thousand times, human names for dogs can also get repetitive and boring.

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A unique, interesting and refreshing idea is to instead use food names for Dogs! If you want a cute moniker, inspired by a sweet treat or unique vegetable, which will make a funny dog titlethen this is the list for you!

Breeds that would especially suit this option are Bulldogs and Pugs, as they tend to have large faces and bodies but stumpy legs, almost like a meatball! Cupcake — what better option than Cupcake is there for http://csi-sigegov.org/archive/sports/how-to-dress-like-a-korean-man.php sweetest and cutest dog you know!

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This is truly adorable and would be the cherry on top of an already delightful puppy Cadbury — a delicious chocolate bar. This would make a perfect nickname for a chocolate-colored Labrador, who is as sweet and delectable as this chocolatey treat Peanut — one of the cutest food names for Dogs especially for a tiny dog. Strawberry — this is a cute, fruity title, perfect for a strawberry-blonde, golden fluffy pup.

funny food names for pets

Strawberry would be a great name for a dog that is polite, obedient and playful Jelly — a funny choice for a dog that wobbles! If your dog perhaps has some extra rolls around their belly, then Jelly would be a cute option for them Beans — this cute and fun moniker is perfect for a small, bean-sized dog.

funny food names for pets

Licorice is a unique title, which no other dog with black link in a five-mile radius will also have Coffee — this bitter, strong moniker is perfect for a dog that makes a lasting impression. This is especially suitable if your pet has coffee-colored fur, which can range from a light, beige latte to a dark and dusky black coffee Ginger — this is the most obvious moniker for a red-haired dog. Ginger is a spice that is often used around the holiday and Christmas season, in things such as gingerbread men cookies.

funny food names for pets

A delicious fluffy, fizzy candy that is often seen at carnivals and fairgrounds, Cotton Candy is definitely great for a fun-loving dog Honey — another sweet and sticky choice for a dog that has a golden coat. This is a funny and zany title for an eccentric pet Coconut — this is a beautiful, exotic moniker for a pet dog, perhaps one who loves spending time on tropical beaches where coconuts grow on palm funny food names for pets. This would be great for a brown and white dog, so they would match their namesake Haribo — after the delicious jelly-sweet company; Haribo make sweets such as jellied eggs, hearts, gummy bears, strawberries and tangfastics, and so is a great option for a dog that really packs a punch!]

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To you, readers, I plan to present a regular roundup of the very best food-related pet names. To determine which pets make the cut, I will employ strenuous criteria. First, the accuracy of the pet name. Does Tootsie Roll look like a Tootsie Roll? Does Chicken Wing have some sort of funny little arm deserving of the moniker? Second, I plan to explore general pet aesthetics to bring you a roundup of cool cats, dopey-looking dogs, and other weirdo pets, all adoptable. Noni Spumoni: Female poodle mix; Los Angeles, California Spumone plural spumoni is a molded gelato that usually contains candied fruits and nuts. funny food names for pets.

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UNIQUE Food-Themed DOG NAMES! 🍔🍒🍙 Funny food names for pets



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Funny food names for pets



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